About Us

ORIENTAL DRAGON TECHNICAL WORKS L.L.C was founded in 2010 in Dubai UAE., Since established, ORIENTAL DRAGON focuses on long-term and stable development based on providing quality and safety production as well as effective solutions to different clients on the key space frame construction markets in Airports, Large span exhibition hall, Workshop, and Storage and Sport Stadium.

ORIENTAL DRAGON provides professional services including Design, Fabrication Supply and Erection of space frame structures.

ORIENTAL DRAGON workforce and technical team consists of Engineers, Structural Steel Detailers, Qualified Welders, Lathe Workers, etc. and has undertook a major expansion of a new fabrication facility of over 40,000m2 to enable efficient production of 38,000 tons of steel structure and space frame per year.

Company Characteristic

  • Canopy/Skylight
  • Storage
  • Shopping Mall
  • Workshop
  • Airport
  • Showroom
  • Sport Stadiums
  • Large Span Exhibition Hall