Space Frame

Space frame systems are highly hyper-static systems. Complex three-dimensional structural framework, capable of spanning and containing very large volumes, constructed using pyramidal, hexagonal, and other geometrical figures。 It has further advantages of behaving as a single integral unit, and can resist loads in any direction.

The main advantages of space frame are shown below

  1. Excellent aesthetic, availability of several colors, assuring compositions which can completely satisfy any architectural requirements.
  2. Unlimited possibilities in the construction's geometry, no restriction in creating any structural shape.
  3. Space frames have the smallest possible structural dead load, consequently lower transportation cost.
  4. Easy assembly, therefore the possibility of utilization of unskilled labour exists.
  5. Inhered rigidity, making the space frame ideal bearing structures for large free spans without intermediate supports.
  6. Excellent relation between dead load - live loads. The advantages mentioned above, enable space frames to cover a wide range of applications.